Lady Gaga has finally gone TOO FAR. Her video for "Born This Way" features a lengthy theology lesson about the Mother Monster inside GOAT, a government-owned space territory, who gives birth to the perfect life-form. Or something.

Actually, I have a feeling this video is the key to understanding DC Comics' Infinite Crisis — why did Superboy punch the walls of reality? Because the multiverse was split between the Mother Monster and the Mother of Evil. I also feel like I understand the difference between the Blue Lanterns and the Green Lanterns way better after watching this video.


But yeah, the symbolism of Lady Gaga — who's really the child of the LGBT movement — giving birth to queerness, or tolerance, or otherness (along with its counterpart, machine-gun-fire-birdy evil) is a bit odd. There seems to be a bit of reaching going on here. I'm glad to hear the "mitosis of the future" is happening though. [Thanks Oliver and Michael Ann!]