Watch Kelly Marie Tran Nail Her Audition for Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Image: Still via Youtube
Image: Still via Youtube

In a movie that adds a lot to the galaxy far, far away, Rose Tico is an important new window into the world of Star Wars: The Last Jedi—and actress Kelly Marie Tran is clearly having the time of her life now that the movie is out. But a new behind-the-scenes featurette lets us see the moments that secured her place in the cast.


Included in this featurette about Rose’s character are reactions to one of the final hurdles Tran faced before being offered the role—a chemistry test with John Boyega, to see how she bounced off of the actor she’d be spending most of her time with while filming the movie.

We know how well it went—because, duh, the movie’s out now—but it’s still fascinating to see those early days, as well as Johnson’s initial reaction to the actress that would eventually bring Rose to the big screen, and become a key player in the future of Star Wars going forward. It’s almost too sweet to watch her excitement to get started.

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People who hate Rose make me almost as sad as people who give Cabin in the Woods bad reviews on Amazon.