Image: Still via Youtube

In a movie that adds a lot to the galaxy far, far away, Rose Tico is an important new window into the world of Star Wars: The Last Jediā€”and actress Kelly Marie Tran is clearly having the time of her life now that the movie is out. But a new behind-the-scenes featurette lets us see the moments that secured her place in the cast.

Included in this featurette about Roseā€™s character are reactions to one of the final hurdles Tran faced before being offered the roleā€”a chemistry test with John Boyega, to see how she bounced off of the actor sheā€™d be spending most of her time with while filming the movie.

We know how well it wentā€”because, duh, the movieā€™s out nowā€”but itā€™s still fascinating to see those early days, as well as Johnsonā€™s initial reaction to the actress that would eventually bring Rose to the big screen, and become a key player in the future of Star Wars going forward. Itā€™s almost too sweet to watch her excitement to get started.