Watch Keanu Reeves interview George Lucas, Chris Nolan and more on the Death of Film

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Someone gave Keanu Reeves a camera crew, and sent him out hunting for famous directors to carry on the great debate of digital versus film. Watch film greats such as Martin Scorsese, James Cameron and Steven Soderbergh talk movies — it's kind of a rare treat to see all these directors share their opinions on digital movie-making (especially with the entire 3D debate). Get a sneak peek at the documentary Side By Side now with the first released trailer.


I edited tape to tape before I worked with film. I cut my first film with an editing block, a razor blade and tape. I cut my first sound track with a gang synch and an editing block and tape cutting magstock, and leader. I mixed my first sound track in a mixing suite down from five tracks of magstock to one track of magstock. I still have the original footage and mag stock in my house.

then I met a girl called digital non-linear editing. And I said, this is the girl I will marry. Hard enough to require the skills of an editor, but easy enough to use and not be expensive.

Digital doesn't nesissarily react like film ((heel, and shoulder, stop values, ASA)) but I couldn't give less of a shit. It cost me nothing to shoot other than the cost of the camera, lense and HDD, nothing to transfer other than the cost of a USB cable, nothing to cut other than the cost of the computer and editing software, and nothing to display other than the cost of a VGA cable, my 60" TV and my sound system.

I am a film maker, fuck film.

Cheap, and easy film makers HSOULD mean more interesting stories, from more intoeresting people. It's what Lucas and Coppela envisioned 40 years ago when Coppela said, "a camera in every kid's hanmd, and every kid shooting"