Watch Kaydara, a visually stunning 55-minute Matrix fan film

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Check out Kaydara, a sprawling, almost hour-long Matrix fan movie conceived by Raphaël Hernandez and Savitri Joly-Gonfard, French fans of the Wachowskis' trilogy. The special effects are an absolute knockout for a labor of love.

Here's a synopsis of the film from Seth Ickerman Studios:

The story of "Kaydara" takes place within the universe of Lana and Andy Wachowski's film "The Matrix". Kaydara, a bounty hunter who is living separately from the Human Resistance Group, does not believe in the prophecy of "the One". He sees this so-called saviour instead as a threat to the awakening of Man's self-awareness and considers him an enemy. If their paths cross, Kaydara will not hesitate to confront him.


It's really some snazzy work for a completely unofficial production. Click on the next panel to watch Kaydara in full. You can read more about this project at their website and Facebook page.

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Erik the Red

I think they would have been better served with their time to make a solid, 15-minute short film that created one specific problem and tried to solve it. I'm impressed visually with a lot of what they did. But that only gets you so far.