Watch Jordan Peele Respond to Some Great Get Out Fan Theories

Image: Universal Pictures
Image: Universal Pictures

“I love this theory,” Jordan Peele says. “It is completely false.”

In a great video via Vanity Fair, Jordan Peele, director behind the fantastic Get Out, spends some time in dialogue with various fan theories, observations, and musings culled from the far corners of the internet. Is the whole thing the elaborate fantasy of a paranoid TSA agent? Is there an elaborate symbolic nod involving Bach? And did you notice that Chris picks cotton out of that chair?


Jordan Peele is a delightful and thoughtful presence here, and some of the theories he responds to are genuinely interesting. Check it out below.

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Literary Nerd

I love this movie on so many levels. On the basic top layer, it’s a smart, well executed horror movie with a few really great comedic moments. On the next, easiest to see level, it’s definitely a commentary about race relations and the real threat posed to blacks by whites, which is a really great flip of the way a lot of films portray young black men as thuggish and threatening to white people, especially affluent ones. On a third level, its about black autonomy, and how they have been and continue to be subverted and controlled by affluent whites, and of course under that you have all these great moments and ideas that you really have to dig into the movie to get.