Watch Jim Henson's early unfinished stop-motion short Alexander the Grape

In 1965, Jim Henson started a short animated film about a tiny grape who wanted to become a watermelon. Although the film was never finished, the Jim Henson Company Archive rediscovered the footage, and completed it with Henson's original storyboards.

Although we miss out on some of the more magical bits of the paper cutout animation Henson envisioned, we get a clear sense of what he had in mind, thanks in no small part to Billy Mure's jaunty musical score. And there are plenty of recognizable bits of Henson in there, including a silly "moral" to his tale and a fascination with anthropomorphic fruit.

11/24/1965 – ‘Recorded "Alexander the Grape"' [Jim Henson's Red Book via The Retroist]

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