Watch Jeff Goldblum Meet Himself, in Funko Pop Form

Jeff Goldblum, delicately stroking... well, Jeff Goldblum.
Jeff Goldblum, delicately stroking... well, Jeff Goldblum.
Screenshot: Conan (TBS)
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In the most inevitable convergence, Jeff Goldblum has now met his Sexy Ian Malcolm Funko Pop. And his reaction is, well... it involves some stroking.


This momentous meeting of Goldblums occurred courtesy of last night’s Conan, where the actor was confronted with not one, but two of his Jurassic Park Funko Pops: the more typical version of Dr. Malcolm, upright and covered up in clothes ready to do science, and the recently unveiled, chest-exposing variant from the first movie. Goldblum’s reaction, as always, is worth 10 out of a possible 10 Goldblums:

Bless this wonderfully silly man.

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‘cause I’m a furriner that I can’t see this clip. I figure it is one of two expressions. His Oh face aka Vinegar Strokes.

Or his delightfully amused face.