Watch James Cameron Walk Through His Real Life Avatar Theme Park

Here's a sneak peak of Avatar Land! At some point Disney will add Avatar Land to their Animal Kingdom in Orlando Florida but for now watch the film's director James Cameron walk through the fluorescent, light up forest.


The concept art that starts off the videos appear to be the floating rocks from the movie, and that will be sensational to walk through. No clue when this park will open up, but we really can't wait to see what the Imagineers dream up.

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Raging Bullwinkle&Rocky Balboa

Do people still care about Avatar? It's not like it was a timeless classic. I know they're putting out more Avatar movies, but without the freshness of the first movie's special effects all you're left with is horrible writing and stiff acting. I guess the park could be ok as long as they focus completely on the visuals/action.