Watch James Bond's new title sequence from Skyfall right now!

Daniel Kleinman is back and making beautiful Bond intros again! Kleinman, who made almost every Bond title sequence for years (about six films total) was cruelly passed over on Quantum of Solace. But he's returned to make beautiful title art for Skyfall. Don't get us wrong, we love MK12's QOS intro, but it was a mistake to snub Kleinman.

Now the watery opening from Skyfall has been released to the masses online. Watch, and get excited for the biggest Bond game changer movies to come out in a long, long time.

[via Bleeding Cool]

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MK12. Everytime I hear that name, all I can think of is the horrifying "Follow the Sun" demo reel. (SHUDDER)

The Skyfall opener really was the least subtle of them all, right? It felt weird. Haunting, but almost forcibly so. BLOOD! TOMBSTONES! MORE BLOOD! MORE TOMBSTONES! I think I liked Quantum of Solace's better.