Watch In-Theater Audiences React to the Series Premiere of The River

When was the last time you saw a network TV show scary enough to make you cling to your seat? Now, try to remember a show that did that to a whole theater full of people. The River, ABC's new series created by Oren Peli (of Paranormal Activity fame) and produced by Steven Spielberg (of Steven Spielberg fame), provoked a test audience into doing just that.


The documentary-style show follows the family of lost explorer Dr. Emmet Cole as they head deep into the Amazon rainforest, hoping to discover the truth behind his disappearance. What they find is apparently scary enough to make a whole room full of adults scream like children.

Watch the video above to see the crowd's intense reactions, and prepare to be terrified by tonight's 2-hour series premiere of The River, at 9/8c—only on ABC.

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