Watch ILM Completely Digitally Create the Planets of Rogue One

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The best visual effects are the ones we don’t even see. In Rogue One, we know Tarkin isn’t physically there and that the Death Star doesn’t really exist. So it’s the landscapes that are the true magic: entire worlds created in a computer to build out and expand a little sliver of actual filming, or nothing at all.


That’s the focus of this new Rogue One visual effects video, which shows the not-so-fast process of Industrial Light and Magic creating Jedha and Scarif in a very fast and snappy way. Watch out for the brief glimpses of the actual sets, which are tiny compared what we finally saw on screen.

If you’re wondering why this is out now, months after the release of the film, look in the bottom left corner. It’s because of the Oscars. Final votes for the awards are due February 21 before the show on the 26th, and Rogue One is rightfully up for Best Visual Effects. It’s up against Deepwater Horizon, Doctor Strange, The Jungle Book, and Kubo and the Two Strings, which is very strong competition. I feel like Jungle Book will be tough to beat, but we’ll find out next weekend. There’s no doubt Rogue One is right up there.



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I must shout out the Jedha destruction not just for FX but for the impactful (sic) design and cinematography. After decades of sci fi and disaster movies and clean little poof explosions it was terrifying and not like anything I’d seen before. You really felt the cataclysmic enormity, the scale of the shock wave relentlessly peeling up the horizon to the final wide view of the ruptured planet. It feels like a crime and desecration.

I’ve said it before Rogue One made the Death Star truly scary again. The two test firings brought back my childhood nuclear war nightmares. I’m not mad.