Watch Hugh Jackman's Digital Clone Come to Life in This Logan VFX Reel

How many Jackmans do you see?
Gif: Fox

Recent advancements in artificial intelligence have made it easier than ever to swap someone’s face into a video, but Hollywood has already been doing this for years with flawless results. This visual effects reel breaks down how the team behind Logan created a second Hugh Jackman to use onscreen.

To bring X-24 to life, and to allow the real Jackman to appear to interact and even fight with his on-screen clone, the actor was photographed by visual effects studio Image Engine using a special rig that snaps photos from almost every angle and lighting condition imaginable. This provided all the reference footage the artists needed to build a perfect digital replica of Jackman’s head that could be placed on a body double used on set, convincing audiences they were getting two Wolverines for the price of one.


[Vimeo via Art of VFX]

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