Watch how Ty Burrell transformed Mr. Peabody from Dog Genius to Dog Dad

When we first heard about the Mr. Peabody & Sherman movie reboot we weren't that thrilled. But then we witnessed Modern Family dad Ty Burrell transform into the white dog of our youth. And it works. Watch.


These three Peabody & Sherman clips show off a bit of the new movie's humor, but if anything this movie is all heart. Mostly thanks to the vocal stylings of Burrell. He doesn't sound exactly like original cartoon (actually he sounds nothing like him) but the tone is strikingly similar. The biggest change is more in his attitude. Mr. Peabody is a lot less condescending in this movie, more like a father to Sherman. It's a kinder, gentler Peabody. Finding Burrell was definitely a good move in trying to translate this cartoon for modern audiences.


Even Sherman has been toned down a bit, but he still does wildly stupid things so you have that to look forward to. We're cautiously optimistic about this movie.

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You can mutilate the icons of my childhood, but you cannot make me praise it by calling it a transformation. This is an abomination, and that is not Mr. Peabody.