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Given how Wall-E largely focuses on robots that don’t communicate the way humans do, you might think you know what to expect from the script for Pixar’s animated classic. But, surprise, the character of Wall-E’s bleeps and bloops actually correspond to words.


It’s nice to see how much work went into Wall-E’s characterization, and it certainly made the robot extra lovable. You may recall BB-8 in Star Wars: The Force Awakens was also given dialogue by actor Ben Schwartz.

In this video, Pixar gives a glimpse of a scene moving from page to pixel in a new installment of the well-regarded animation studio’s Script to Screen series.

Rewatching this scene reminds me all over again of what a sharp little fable Wall-E is. The robots, which are solely built to serve us, show more exuberance for life than the humans who created them—and this moment drives that home spectacularly well.


[via /Film]

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