Watch How a Real-Life UFO Sighting Became a Ridley Scott Found Footage Thriller

An image from Phoenix Forgotten. Image: Cinelou Films

Did you ever see something odd in the sky and wish you could know more about it? That wish-fulfillment is at the heart of Phoenix Forgotten, a new film produced by Ridley Scott.

It’s based on a real-life 1997 UFO sighting in Phoenix, AZ. Director Justin Barber and co-writer T.S. Nowlin pick up from that event and tell their own “What if” story. What if three students went off to explore the lights and never came back? What if that footage was found? To explain more, check out this exclusive featurette for the film.

Phoenix Forgotten kind of came out of nowhere but it certainly is intriguing. Found footage films are certainly past their prime but I love that this one builds off the idea of first contact. Here’s hoping it lives up to its potential.


Phoenix Forgotten opens April 21.

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