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Watch Henry Cavill's sonic boom in the first Man of Steel trailers

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If you've seen The Dark Knight Rises already, then you've seen one of the two trailers for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel. In this one, Clark Kent spends his time fishing and hitchhiking before finally breaking the sound barrier as Superman.


There's very little footage to show at this point since Man of Steel just entered post-production, so we only get this single glimpse of Henry Cavill in the Superman spandex. It's the same shot we get in the other trailer, which has a Jor-El voiceover. [via Digital Spy]

Update: Here's the trailer with Russell Crowe's Jor-El voiceover:

We also saw the first footage to come out of Man of Steel at San Diego Comic-Con last week. Check out our panel report to get more hints as to what's in store.


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Also, in a world where Superman hadn't appeared yet, would little kids still run around with red capes on? I call bullshit.