Watch Hayao Miyazaki Animate The Last Shot From His Final Film

We're used to seeing animator Hayao Miyazaki's magic on the screen, but what does it look like when the images are mere pencil on paper? This clip from the documentary The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness shows the legendary director working on he's said is his final feature-length film.

Mami Sunada's documentary, which hits VOD platforms today, goes inside Studio Ghibli as Miyazaki works on The Wind Rises, which he announced last year would be his final feature film. (Although Miyazaki says he'll never stop making anime.) This clip gives us a tiny peek at Miyazaki's work process as he moves beyond the storyboard and draws the movie's final shot.


And to answer Miyazaki's question, yes, animation is fascinating.

[via /Film]


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