Watch Han Solo Han Roll-o in Star Wars' New Short Series, Roll Out [Updated]

Transform, and roll out!
Image: Star Wars Kids

BB-8 is one of the cutest additions to the Star Wars galaxy under Disney’s purview. So perhaps this is the inevitable conclusion of a design that has won the hearts and plundered the wallets of countless Star Wars fans: What if...what if everyone in Star Wars was shaped like a BB-unit?

That’s basically the premise of Hideo Itoyanagi’s Star Wars: Roll Out, a new series beginning this week on the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel. Inspired by a similar short idea that Itoyanagi created for The Force Awakens’ release in Japan, Roll Out re-imagines the heroes and villains of the Star Wars saga as ball-shaped, squat-headed versions of themselves, as if they too were literally BB-Units.

It seems that only Porgs—the other loveable addition to the Star Wars galaxy in the sequel era that could rival BB-8 for the cutey-crown—have escaped BB-ification. Roll Out will follow these roly-poly takes on everyone from Han and Chewie to Rey, Finn, and Poe as they get into problems that they have to, well...spin their way out of, I guess.


The fact that they’re joined by a now-completely-normal-looking BB-8 raises a few existentialist nightmare questions that you only get from thinking far longer than you should about the logic behind cartoons designed for children, but, that aside? This looks adorable.

Star Wars: Roll Out begins on the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel this Friday, August 9.

Update 8/9 3:00PM EST: The first episode is now out, and you can watch as poor BB-8 gets freaked the hell out in the jungles of D’Qar below!

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