Watch Han Solo Grow from Scoundrel to Hero in This Animated Star Wars Short

The many layers of Han Solo.
Gif: Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures

Thief. Smuggler. Racer. Hero of the Alliance. Father. Martyr. Han Solo is a lot of things across his Star Wars story, and this latest entry in the Galaxy of Adventures animated series captures it all pretty dang well.


The latest in the lovely short series isn’t a straight adaptation of a particular scene from the movies, but instead a brief primer on the life and times of everyone’s favorite Corellian, from the end of Solo—when he declines Enfys Nest’s offer to join the fledgling Rebellion—to the strike-team leading General he becomes by his triumphant return to the fleet in Return of the Jedi.

Not bad for a scruffy lookin’ nerf herder. There’s some really fun embellishments here—like adapting Han’s madcap “chase” through the Death Star in A New Hope, reminding us that for as cool as he thinks he is, he’s still a bit of a goof—but overall it’s just a slick edit to show Han’s growth from a loner without a cause to the hero he was meant to be.


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Aside from Han having the craziest eyes in that chase sequence, I thought they showed his change from zero to a hero pretty well. Also where is my Enfys Nest comic/book/show/movie/all of above.

Three on left are all checking out Twink Luke.