Watch Gotham play Metropolis in the Batman vs. Superman football game

Watch Gotham City University take Metropolis State University on the Batman Vs. Superman movie set. Is it weird (or awesome) that this is the second fake town superhero football team we've seen?


Thanks to Batman-News we now know that this is the opening shot of the still-yet-to-be-titled Batman Vs. Superman movie (rumor is they are changing the title). They also explained what went down:

Then two scenes were filmed. Both plays were from around Gotham city’s 30 yard line. The first play was a tackle for a Metropolis loss. The second was for a touchdown pass to the corner of the end zone for Metropolis. Then the bench cleared for Gotham and they had to break up a fight on the field. Gotham never even went on offense.

Oooh Gotham and Metropolis hate each other so much!

SadPuppyProductions has a 4-minute (fairly non-spoilery) video from the set, and here it is. Excited? Nervous? We're all these things.


I'd watch a teen comedy that combines Ten Things I Hate About You with Friday Night Lights and has the Teen Titans in it.

Just saying.