Watch From Dusk Till Dawn's Remade Snake Dance, Now With CG Snakes

The only reason to remake the 1996 vampire movie From Dusk Till Dawn into a TV series is to have an excuse to reshoot Salma Hayek' famous vampire snake dance. And so they did, and here it is, now with double the snake caressing action.

Eiza Gonzalez is the new Santanico Pandemonium, and also there appears to be a lot more snake-on-crotch action in the newer version. Is that a CG snake? Is that kosher? Part of the appeal of the original scene is how hard Hayek is trying to hold up that giant python. I desperately want to be in that meeting for the CG snake budget. Thankfully it appears that the snake is mostly real for the remake, which is good because From Dusk Till Dawn consistency is important.


And here's the original scene with Hayek, for science.

So, what did you think? The whole series was basically a lead up to this moment. Did it deliver?

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