An Exclusive Look At A Polar Bear Autopsy From Fortitude

Here's an exclusive look at an icy polar bear autopsy from tonight's episode of Fortitude. Why are they cracking open this magnificent beast? Because this Arctic-set series has gone insane. Spoilers.

Pivot's Fortitude (which has been getting pretty stellar praise) is centered around the formerly peaceful town located on the Arctic Circle (also called Fortitude). But now that snowy town (mostly populated with researchers) is now overrun with brutal murders, which end in inexplicable cannibalism. And now the scientists are turning to the polar bears for answers. Here's the official rundown on the scene, if you need to be caught up:

Scientist Vincent Rattray (played by Luke Treadaway) is performing an autopsy on a polar bear who attacked and ate another polar bear in hopes that dissecting the brain of an apex predator who has attacked another of its kind could provide some clues to some brutal murders that have recently popped up in this previously quiet, crime-free town: Pleasant/upstanding citizens of Fortitude humans are attacking and eating other humans/citizens of Fortitude for seemingly no reason at all. The latest was the sweet town "gossip" and grocery store clerk, Shirley, who brutally attacked (and began eating) her mother, with no perceptible motive.


The series has a great list of stars, including Stanley Tucci, Richard Dormer, Christopher Eccleston, and Sofie Gråbøl. Tonights episode airs at 10pm on Pivot. Are you watching Fortitude?

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When performed on an animal, it's a necropsy. Humans have autopsies. Auto means self, therefore only humans can perform autopsies on themselves.

Yea English!