Watch Five Noomi Rapaces Fight Together in This Clip From What Happened to Monday

Oh, and there are two more cut out of this image. Image: Netflix
Oh, and there are two more cut out of this image. Image: Netflix

What Happened to Monday, which drops on Netflix Friday, is a dystopian scifi film where families are only allowed one child to curb the world’s exploding population. However, one father decides his identical septuplets all deserve to live. So he hides them, raises them, and names each of them after a day of the week.


Later in life, on the day of the week they’re named after, each woman plays the part of the one person they’re all pretending to be. All seven roles, Monday through Sunday, are played by Noomi Rapace—and, in this exclusive clip from the film, you get a sense of what kind of crazy possibilities the idea of this film affords.

What Happened to Monday (formerly Seven Sisters) is directed by Tommy Wirkola, known for entertaining but pulpy films like Dead Snow and Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. This film, however, is not pulpy. It’s got some real thought behind it. Sometimes even too much, as the film takes a good amount of time to set up its world, conflict, and characters. Once things get rolling, though, the conceit of seven identical sisters, sheltered for their entires lives because of the laws, becomes more and more intriguing. How does each transfer the information her sister learned each day? How do they keep a uniform look? How do they keep their secret? Things like that.

As you can guess from the title, as well as the clip, something happens to Monday, which sets off a chain reaction for all of the other sisters. Then things get more and more exciting. There’s good rising tension and while the film never surprises us thematically, it does a solid job of keeping us guessing narratively, and it entertains throughout.

If you’re looking for a solid, interesting, and cool scifi movie to watch on Netflix, What Happened to Monday certainly fits the bill. It’ll be out August 18.

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If they all have to pretend to be the same person, why cultivate such different hairstyles?

It looks like they’re trying to do what Orphan Black has already done, but the concept justifying it sounds a lot more contrived. Are identical septuplets even possible? Can a single zygote split that many times? Could such a high-order multiple pregnancy happen in secret or be passed off as a single pregnancy?