Watch five minutes of gravity-defying craziness from the space prison movie Lockout!

Next month's Lockout sends wisecracking, loose-cannon federal agent Guy Pearce up to an outer space prison, to save the President's daughter from rioting convicts. The Wondercon panel premiered five minutes of footage, and you can watch it online now!

The panel mostly focused on the new footage, which you can check out above, via IGN. The lone guest on the panel was Lost alum Maggie Grace, who plays the President's daughter. The character visits the orbiting prison — known as Maximum Security One — on a goodwill mission, but she is taken captive herself when the inmates stage a riot and take control of the prison. That's where Guy Pearce's agent enters the picture to (hopefully) save the day.

Grace made the big comparison in describing Pearce's roguish character, saying that, yes, he reminds her of Han Solo, something she said she was hesitant to do because that's sacred ground in sci-fi. She also described him as "a hot mess", a guy with a bad attitude who leaves her character unsure who really sent him and what he's really up to. It'll be interesting to see whether the audience is also supposed to find him similarly untrustworthy.


As far as her own character's journey, she explained that she arrives at the station supportive of her father's plan to incarcerate prisoners in suspended animation high above the Earth. But her experiences on board naturally make her question a lot of things she thought were true, and she has to reevaluate a lot of what she thinks. Grace praised the movie as both "funny and fun", and added that it was refreshing to see something that doesn't take itself too seriously. She also promised lots of great one-liners, which you can see Guy Pearce offer up in some of the previous trailers.

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I never understood the mechanics of "destroy the console and the thing stops/opens".

I mean, who the goddamn hell designed that?

I spill my coffee on the console and the whole gravity engine just stops?

I shoot the keypad and the highly secure door opens?

What the hell.