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Watch Europe's tallest volcano spew to life in a violent new eruption

It's been threatening to erupt for weeks, but on the morning of February 19th, Italy's Mount Etna finally blew, spewing rock, lava and gas skyward in what's being called the first big eruption 0f 2013, and among the largest of the Sicilian volcano's major eruptions in close to two decades. The scene was captured on video by Klaus Dorschfeldt, videographer and webmaster for Italy's National Institue of Geophysics and Volcanology. It is simply stunning to behold.


[KdEtna via LiveScience]

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Trevor Verhelst

It's hard for me to give it the awe it deserves without a sense of scale. Is this shot from the edge of the volcano or from 50 miles away? I can't tell...