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Martha Marcy May Marlene star Elizabeth Olsen gets trapped inside a spooky house, with no way out, in the first trailer for Silent House, the remake of the Spanish-language cult horror hit.

This one's not filmed in the "found footage" style, but to compensate, it has a few other gimmicks going on:

1) It takes place in real time, showing her 88-minute ordeal in exactly 88 minutes.
2) It's supposedly filmed in one long take, with no breaks at all.
3) It's allegedly based on a true story, as was the Uruguayan original.


All in all, it looks like a fun bit of horror cheese, with the "real time" thing probably meaning that there's a lot of slow build-up before things start getting seriously messed up. And you have to appreciate a film that takes a quasi-Dogme 95 approach to horror. It got reasonably okay reviews at Sundance last year. [via Shockya]