Watch DragonLance's Kitiara and Skie come to cosplay life

When I was a kid, the Dragon Highlord Kitiara Uth Matar from the DragonLance books was one of my favorite fantasy characters, so I appreciate the excitement and work that went into creating Tabitha Lyons' elaborate Kitiara costume, accompanied by the blue dragon Skie.


Lyons worked with Artyfakes Action-Props to bring Kitiara's armor and dragon companion to life. In a series of videos, Lyons takes us through the process, especially the grand Skie:

The final product is in the video up top, and Artyfakes will be releasing more photos of Lyons atop Skie in the coming days.


[via Geeks Are Sexy]

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From what I vaguely remember Kitiara was an oportunistic whore who killed the paladin of the group. Those novels were such a mismatch of cool characters (Raistlin) and douchy characters (the half elf dude). The whole series should've been about Riverwind and Goldmoon who seemed to be the only characters who took their roles seriously. Again,it's been a long while since I read those novels (I remember really hating the third one).