Watch Donkey-Headed Catherine Deneuve Bake A Magic Cake in Donkey Skin

Proof that French people are just as weird as the rest of us. Check out this bizarre sequence from Donkey Skin, the 1970 movie based on a fairytale by Charles PerraultCatherine Deneuve is a donkey-headed lady who bakes a magic cake while duetting with her princess alter ego.


The singing. OMG the singing. This is just the greatest thing ever. Except that the dead eyes of Deneuve's donkey head are freaking me out. She's wearing a donkey head because her own father wants to marry her to fulfill a promise he made to his dying wife not to remarry unless he finds someone more beautiful than she was. Which... okay then. [Thanks, Genevieve!]


This is my favourite fairytale! I saw this in the cinema a while back, having known the story by heart already. If you don't know it, go read it now!