Watch Deleted Scenes From Star Trek:TNG's First Trip To Klingon Capital

The Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Sins of the Father" took Captain Picard to Qo'noS, the Klingon homeworld, for the first time, but a few moments ended up on the cutting room floor. The folks at TrekCore have recovered a workprint, revealing those moments for the very first time.

TrekCore has gotten a look at several VHS tapes containing workprints of episodes of The Next Generation, including "Sins of the Father," in which Worf goes to Qo'noS with the Enterprise crew in order to defend his father's honor before the High Council. Looking at that early, unfinished version of the episode, TrekCore has pieced together a a video containing extended and deleted scenes. Some of the cuts are small, but add a bit of nuance to scenes that are missing in the final version of the episode. But there's one particularly big cut that shows Kahlest announcing Mogh's innocence before the entire High Council, suggesting that the entire Council was would have been involved in suppressing Kahlest's testimony. Woof.


The video isn't embeddable, but head over to TrekCore to watch it and to see their breakdown of the deleted moments.

EXCLUSIVE: Newly Recovered Footage from TNG S3′s "Sins of the Father"! [TrekCore]

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