DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. are banking on fans’ interest in the new Titans, Doom Patrol, Harley Quinn, and Swamp Thing series being the key to the DC Universe streaming service’s future success. Rather than simply showing off what the new shows are about, though, the studio decided instead to bring San Diego Comic-Con’s attendees into the fantastical worlds where they take place.

DC opened this year’s Comic-Con with a bang and four curious pop-up experiences styled after DC Universe’s flagship shows—an escape room-type game set in Dick Grayson’s apartment (Titans), a whimsical super science lab (Doom Patrol), Harley’s cell at Arkham Asylum (Harley Quinn), and a Louisiana swamp filled with moss, mist, and magic (Swamp Thing). In their own ways, each of the installations revealed something to look forward to about the respective shows they’re styled after.

Harley’s cell, for example, is strewn with an array of painting supplies and mangled photo clippings of the Joker—a nod to the fact that the new animated series focuses less on Harley’s relationship with the Clown Prince of Crime and more on her own desire to get into the Legion of Doom. The horror elements of the Swamp Thing series are front in center in the character’s pop-up, a brief, but eerie stroll through the swamps where locals warn about the mysterious presence lurking beneath the waters that’s scared so many others away.


The DC Universe space is also chock full of all sort of other nifty things like the Titans costumes and a certain iconic bat-themed car that’s a sight to behold. But you know, rather than reading about it, why not just take a look for yourself?

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