Watch David Tennant Reprise His Role as the Doctor in the Weirdest Way Possible

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It doesn’t take a fancy Doctor Who anniversary event to bring back a former incarnation of the world’s favorite Time Lord. Sometimes, all you need is something much more specific—like, say, a good friend emigrating to another country.

Actress Georgia Tennant—who starred in Doctor Who’s fourth season alongside her future-husband-to-be as, err, his clone daughter (it’s a long story)—recently shared this wonderfully silly skit she filmed with Tennant back in 2013, as part of a going-away gift for former Who script editor Gary Russell when he was moving to Australia.


It’s got all those classic Tenth Doctor tics—manic glares and speedily-delivered technobabble abound!—and even a bit of sonic screwdriver waving for good measure. As weird as it is, outside of audio dramas or the occasional anniversary cameo in the future, it’s like having the Tenth Doctor back for a couple of minutes, in quasi-fan-film form. And we’re thankful for it.

[Radio Times]

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