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Watch David Tennant go full douchebag in a new Fright Night featurette!

Was there any other character created this year that surpassed David Tennant's great heights of douchebaggery as Fright Night's magician, Peter Vincent? There's a reason the Fright Night 2 rumors hinted at an all-Tennant sequel — because he's hilarious. Now here's a glimpse at some additional Vincent material in a special behind-the-scenes feature about his Criss Angel-inspired character.


We demand more Peter Vincent! This is just a small clip from the special features that will be accompanying Fright Night's Blu-ray & DVD release, on December 13th.

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According to Box Office Mojo, Fright Night barely made back its production costs including domestic and worldwide box office. If you want to see another one, people are going to have to buy a lot of DVDs.