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See Danny Rand's Horrible, Horrible Life in the First Iron Fist Footage

Illustration for article titled See Danny Rands Horrible, Horrible Life in the First iIron Fist /iFootage

Marvel’s pushing its Netflix shows hard at Comic-Con today. We’ve had Luke Cage and a hint of Defenders. And now we have Danny Rand (Finn Jones) popping up as Iron Fist.


This less-than-a-minute teaser does not make Danny’s life look easy. We’ve got the tragic K’un L’un expedition and, apparently, Danny strapped to a gurney once he gets back to New York. Thank god he can blow the door off the place.

Katharine is the former managing editor of io9.

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Kazuhira (master) Miller

Can we please have some flashbacks to the island K’un-L’un every episode, and maybe a cameo from John Barrowman ever once in a while?