Watch Dan Harmon's surprisingly inspirational keynote speech on the death of television

Above is the full video of Dan Harmon's Keynote Speech From the XOXO Festival. Like all things Harmon, it starts out silly then swings back around, delivering some harsh truths and with a schmear of heart.


"How can something so capable of freeing us be another cage? Money! The original people connector!" Harmon also goes into goes into great detail about how Heat Vision Jack led to Channel 101, which led to his famous story structure model, and eventually to Community. Even though it's about the death of one technology (broadcast television), he still gives us hope for the internet.

And for reference, here's the intro to Heat Vision and Jack.


Corpore Metal

I get what he's saying but, to a certain extent, I think his point is already too late. Money has already ruined a lot of the Internet. Facebook just has us regurgitating tired memes and stuff at each other behind a wall the rest of the Internet can't see. And Facebook has huge control over your content and creativity.

Unlike having your own website, which sadly still is a very intimidating technology for most people to implement, all that stuff you blab about on FB or YouTube or in Google Docs, in a very real sense isn't yours. And it's making money for other people, not you.

On the plus side, the Internet doesn't seem to be showing any signs of standing still. Perhaps there will come a time when Facebook, Google and Twitter will be as irrelevant as Yahoo or Excite is now?