Watch Daisy Ridley Give An Interview While Building a Lego Millennium Falcon

Image: YouTube

Being a Star Wars actor has perks. There’s the money, and the fame, and, of course, the elaborate Lego sets.

Props where props are due, someone at ELLE had a good idea: in this video, while giving an interview to the publication, Daisy Ridley sits at a table and builds an elaborate Lego Millennium Falcon, complete with a little Lego Rey.


Even in the face of the complexity of an unsolved Lego set (that may or may not be missing a piece), Ridley is unflappable, although her interviewing is a bit more efficient than her building. If you can’t afford Lego’s fancy Falcon set this holiday season, live through Daisy Ridley. She’s living it up for all of us.


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