Watch Dafne Keen Give Hugh Jackman Bruises in Her Super-Intense Logan Audition

Dafne Keen in Logan. Image:Fox.
Dafne Keen in Logan. Image:Fox.

Despite being Hugh Jackman’s final outing as Wolverine, the real star of Logan turned out to be Dafne Keen. Finding a very young actress to not only share a screen with Jackman, but sometimes outshine him, sounds like a nearly impossible task. But after you see this clip of Keen’s audition, you’ll realize casting her must have been a very easy choice for director James Mangold.


Entertainment Weekly posted the clip of the audition, which co-star Patrick Stewart calls “one of the most extraordinary bits of audition tape he’s ever seen.” Check it out—although be warned, the language is definitely NSFW:

I didn’t expect to wake up and see Hugh Jackman curse out a young girl this morning but that’s what happened. And I’m pretty happy it did. You can instantly see why Mangold cast Keen. She’s not just captivating, she’s confident and can hold her own with the star, even feeling good enough to punch him in the arm.

This clip, and others, will be on Logan when it comes to digital download Tuesday and then Blu-ray on May 23.

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This girl shows so much emotion through those eyes of hers. It’s amazing. I hope she has a long and promising career because I want to watch her perform again and again.