Watch Clips From This Week's New Smallville, Sarah Connor Chronicles And Fringe

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On this very special week we're getting some baby-mama drama on the new episode of Fringe. Also, why does Sarah Connor have to do everything herself? She needs some more competent team members, and hopefully in tonight's episode, some people will step up and take responsibility. And finally we get to relive some 90s Pauly Shore freak out talk in a screening of Encino Man, grindage.Monday: We're wondering what robot ass is Sarah Connor going to kick this week and what trouble will John Connor get in. (Because he always does.) After last weeks big booming surprise, it should be very interesting to see how they try and top the premiere. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles airs on Fox at 8 PM. Check out a new clip from this weeks episode below:

Charlie Jade, the world's trying-so-desperately-to-be-sexy space detective still can't figure what's happening in our alternate universe, in "Things Unseen," at 3 AM. Two episodes of sexy thigh-high-wearing Anime girls in Gurren Lagann on the Sci Fi Channel at 11 and 11:30 PM. Tuesday: Dead people whisper sweet nothings to Eliza Dushku in an all day Tru Calling marathon on the Sci Fi channel starting at 8 AM. What will the crazy amnesiac scientist pee again on next in this weeks Fringe? In this week's "almost-X-Files" episode, the gang uncovers the secrets behind the 99-year-old baby and Olivia mopes about her departed boytoy. Catch the next episode on Fox at 9 PM. And here are the first few minutes of the episode, which aired last night: Sassy-pants Eureka Sheriff Carter has to save the town from a bonus sun, and monitor the local election. Check out "Here Come The Suns" on the Sci Fi Channel at 9 PM. Wednesday: Treat yourself to a Twilight Zone reboot with an Outer Limits marathon starting at 8 AM on the Sci Fi Channel. Extra points if you can list all the currently famous actors that paid their rent with Outer Limits work. Adam and Jamie attempt to transforming your average gun into a water powered super canon on MythBusters on the Discovery Channel at 9 PM. Was there ever a Bigfoot in NYC? The History Channel attempts to solve the mystery behind the Monster of Whitehall in MonsterQuest on 8 PM. Thursday: Smallville is back for its eighth and maybe final season, picking up where it left off. Clark is missing after his giant confrontation with Lex, and it's up to the Justice League to track him down. But it won't be easy, and Lex's sexy new replacement is standing in their way. Here's a clip from the new episode:

Movies: Learn how to kill plague zombies with your brain powers, and visit a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas, in the third installment of the the Resident Evil video game movie franchise, Apocalypse. Later that night tune in for a little shot of Bruce Campbell in Man With The Screaming Brain on the Sci Fi Channel at 3 AM. And finally Species (featuring the alien with whom you should make war, not love) is on AMC at 1:15 PM. Friday: Follow the play-by-his-own-rules veteran Nick and his partner Kate in a Special Unit 2 marathon on the Sci Fi channel at 8 AM. The kids of Unit 2 find the missing links in evolution. Stargate Atlantis premieres a new episode of "The Tracker" on the Sci Fi Channel at 10 PM. Movies: The last Pauly Shore movie that was ever worth watching, Encino Man, is on at 2:30 AM on TNT. The squirrel and his buddy discover a man frozen in ice and decide to thaw out this caveman, who turns out to be a pretty sexy Brendan Fraser, buuuudy.

Build you own super race with the mad scientist from the 1950s classic Bride of the Monster. It's on at 4:45 AM at TCM. Saturday: Still hungry for more hipster geekery? Check out a vintage Chuck episode on 8 PM on NBC. The A.R.C. team meets a monster from the future that is "the worst threat of all," but my guess is they'll wrap up the whole time/space problem in under an hour tops. Primeval is on BBC America at 8 PM. Movies: The Flesh Eaters is a 60s classic monster movie where a movie star and her ridiculous entourage get marooned on an island inhabited by flesh eating amoebas. See it on AMC at 3:15 AM. Sunday: Get your fill of animated cleavage with the premiere of Spaceballs on G4 at 5 PM. True Blood is back for the third time and maybe, just maybe, Sookie will let vampire Bill get to second base this episode? Perhaps, if she hasn't been eaten by his vampy party-crashing friends and Bill hasn't been attacked by the local villagers for all the mysterious murders. Bottom line, it's a lot of people having sex. True Blood is on HBO at 9 PM.

There's a Metalocalypse rerun on Adult Swim at 2 AM. Movies: Traci Lords is a vampire space alien who is hell bent on showing as many exposed breasts as are humanly possible in one fantastic Roger Corman remake called NOt Of This Earth on the Sci Fi Channel at 3 AM.

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Dont' forget Spaceballs: The Cartoon! It wouldn't make sense to take it to broadway, so he animated it!