Watch Chewbacca grind his furry pelvis to Guns N' Roses, while an Ewok Slash plays him off

Every year the Disney theme parks host a Star Wars weekend, which means one thing: more demented "Dancing with the Star Wars Cast" videos. But 2011 may be our new favorite. We give you Chewbacca grinding to Guns N' Roses.

Want more ridiculous Star Wars dance off videos? Done. Here's Darth Vader and his Stormtrooper back up dancers stomping around to Metallica.

Here's the entire show — including the annual lunatic hosts that make up their own words to the Star Wars theme. This video includes the grand finale in which Queen Amidala beats up Darth Vader. (Yes, THAT'S NOT CANON, but I'm pretty sure the year they made a dead Amidala dance with her fully aged daughter to "If You Wanna Be My Lover" we left canon at the door, all right?) More Chewy (the rockin' carpet) at the 17-minute mark dancing to — yes, he is shaking his furry bits to Enrique Iglesias.


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