This week in television, everything is going crazy โ€” people are switching sides, robots are getting emotions and last but not least, the animated Clone Wars series is debuting. See angry baldy Asajj Ventress go scream-crazy on her droid troops and meet Noah Bennett's new partner for catching all those villains in this week's Heroes. Plus watch Ollie lose his grip on sanity in Smallville I'm telling you it's madness this week (spoilers beware).Monday: The season premiere of Chuck takes off right where we left our geeky secret government spy with a Nerd Herd day job. Tonight catch up with your old buddies including the lovable Adam Baldwin at 8 PM on NBC.

Sick of watching Hiro get pwned by the fast-running blondie? This week, see more back-and-forth nemesis action between the two, and find out what a prick the cheerleader's mom really is on Heroes at NBC at 9PM. Check out this collection of clips from this weeks episode, but be warned, it's full o' spoilers.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles' Summer taps in to the blocked memories from her robot, or possibly original the skin sack's memories. Either way it's double the Summer Glau quotient, so I'm sold. SCC is on Fox at 8 PM.

Two episodes of sexy thigh-high-wearing Anime girls in Gurren Lagann on the Sci Fi Channel at 11 and 11:30 PM. On Charlie Jade "Spin," our futuristic private eye's big mouth is getting his friends executed by super secret Vex-Cor security, will he have time to put things right before more people die? Jade airs on the Sci Fi Channel at 3 AM. Movies: See Peter Parker finally grow up (a little) in Spider-Man 2 on FX at 8 PM. Tuesday: Get to know the "ultimate human upgrade" Jake 2.0 in a mini-marathon from 8 AM to 3 PM on the Sci Fi Channel. He's cute, smart, fast and part robot from a "freak lab accident," naturally. A crazy cylinder lands in the laps of the science crew over at Fringe this Tuesday. I'm not sure what's creepier, Walter yelling, or the bald-headed fella. Hopefully this black cylinder of doom will explain why Olivia hasn't taken a cushy job over at Massive Dynamic yet. This week's Fringe is on Fox at 9 PM.

Wednesday: KITT hasn't crashed and burned just yet. And this week he's gotta stop a bunch of weapon-smuggling drug-runners (because why not be both?). The new episode is titled "A Hard Day's Knight" and it's looking like a dog. The new Knight Rider is on NBC at 8 PM. Movies: Meet the first pregnant man, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in Junior on Cinemax at 8 PM. Thursday: Smallville's third episode of the season strands the Green Arrow on a deserted island. Can he survive on his own, and fashion his own little arrows? The new episode airs on CW at 8 PM. Here is some footage of a very hungry (and fiery) Arrow from the new episode.

Movies: Get infected with alien goodness on a desolate snowy landscape with Kurt Russell โ€” just stay away from fire, in John Carpenterer's The Thing 12 AM on the Sci Fi Channel. Everyone's favorite melty robot fights the Governator himself in a battle that will determine if man lives of dies in the future, Terminator 2 is on AMC at 5 PM. Friday: Cozy up with your favorite sexually frustrated government agents and all the conspiracy theorizing you can handle in a X-Files marathon from 8 AM until 3 PM The Clone Wars is finally airing on the Cartoon Network. Meet orange-faced Ashoka Tano, fight evil coughing robot General Grievous and learn every single little detail about the Clone Wars' battles and bots. The first episode airs at 9 PM. Here is a clip from that episode.

Amanda Tapping dons a new 'do and an "interesting" accent for the premiere of Sanctuary. A top secret monster catching series on the Sci Fi Channel that features different nasties and creepies that go bump in the night. The show airs at 9 PM.

Movies: Wanna know what happened to all the Dinos after Doctor Grant left Jurassic Park? Pick up where you left off in The Lost World on AMC at 12:30 PM. Saturday: A big old kitty from many, many years past scampers through downtown and the masses go wild, while Jenny has to deal with the media spin in Primeval on BBC America at 9 PM Movies: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie play Mr. And Mrs. Smith โ€” two secret hitmen, who are unknowingly married to one another and battle it out high-tech-weaponry-style when they discover each others' true identities on FX at 8 PM. Sunday: Perhaps this will be the week that we finally find out if Sam is a were-collie or not, or maybe Sookie and Bill will finally end this sexual tension and just do it in the road. Either way may eyes and ears are ready for more sexually heavy vampire stories on HBO's True Blood at 9 PM.