Watch Cells Mutate Into Cancer and Divide Crazily, In These Amazing Videos

Every day, the cells in your body are dividing like crazy - sometimes too much, which is the definition of cancer. Here you can see breast cancer cells in action, multiplying into what could become a tumorous growth.


Yes, this film is dramatically speeded up - most of these cells would divide about twice in a day. The video below shows us dozens of cells undergoing normal cell division, in real time. I'm not sure why all of them are dividing at once - possibly a chemical has been used to induce it. Mitosis has never looked so much like a lava lamp.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

Excess growth is only one part of what makes a cell cancerous. It also fails to die at the appropriate time, becomes able to evade the bodies natural surveillance (immune) systems and develops the ability to leave where it should be and spread elsewhere.