Watch C: 299 792 km/s, a short film set in space with absolutely zero greenscreen

We've been following short film C: 299 792 km/s for a long time. The crew set out to make a space movie about interstellar colonization filmed entirely with in-camera effect, and now they've finally finished. Behold a space mutiny shot with old-school trickery. It's lovely, a lovely look at traditional techniques.

According to the creators Derek Van Gorder and Otto Stockmeier no CGI or greenscreen was used during the filming:

To build the future, we looked to the past. No CGI or greenscreen was used in the making of the film; all our sets and props were built by hand and filmed in-camera. Combining new advances in digital camera technology with traditional special effects, we sought to create a unique, timeless look through lighting design, camera tricks, miniature photography, split-screen, and stop-animation. We believe that this approach allowed us greater creative possibilities on a low-budget science-fiction film.


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