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Watch Bryan Fuller's Never-Before-Seen TV Adaptation of The Lotus Caves

Illustration for article titled Watch Bryan Fullers Never-Before-Seen TV Adaptation of emThe Lotus Caves/em

Many moons ago, Bryan Fuller (Hannibal and Pushing Daisies) developed a TV adaptation of John Christopher's The Lotus Caves for Syfy. Alas, the pilot never made it to the small screen, until now. Syfy is finally airing their lost Lotus Caves adaptation titled High Moon.


TV Line has the first five minutes from High Moon, which is being retooled as a miniseries. The books take place in a mining colony on the moon and follow a couple of kids who discover a diary from an abandoned mining area that describes new alien life. Should be exciting.

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Darn! Why wouldn't SyFy (it pains me every have to spell it that way) want to greenlight this show? It looks good and Bryan Fuller is just swell. I am really hoping he makes his way back to scifi again soon, ideally by bringing Star Trek back to the small screen.