Watch Bruce Wayne's Parents Die In The First Full-Length Gotham Trailer

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Here it is — your first look at Gotham, the new Batman prequel TV series. A 45-second version of this aired during 24: Die Another Day, but now here's the full two-minute trailer. Including glimpses at the Young Riddler, Young Catwoman, Young Penguin... and Young Batman.


First thoughts — this looks pretty fun. The best parts, not surprisingly, are the edgy cop drama parts, where we see Harvey Bullock mentoring Jim Gordon — and yeah, that's kind of weird, but whatever. The hints at a political storyline involving Gotham City falling apart and various people angling for power look neat too. The worst parts, at least in the trailer, seem to be all the glimpses of various Bat-characters when they were young and cute. Including Catwoman, already wearing the uniform, and Poison Ivy.

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I'm a huge fan of comic book movies and I love the characters and settings of the Batman pantheon, but I just can't get into this idea. For one, we know that Gotham falls completely to pieces before Batman steps in, which means, as we see the city disintegrating, we can't look forward to any meaningful victories or forward motion on Jim Gordon's part. We know he can't permanently put away any of Batman's biggest foes because they come back later to fight him. And we know Batman won't be in the series, so the resolution to all the problems and tension will never arrive (even in Smallville you got to see Superman do Superman stuff). So it's going to be like a Dark Knight version of Waiting for Godot. I want to like it, but it's literally painted itself into a corner before it even starts.