DC has uploaded tons of DC Nation animated shorts to YouTube

If you haven't gotten a chance to watch DC Nation on Cartoon Network, you can now watch tons of the show's greatest shorts, including Super Best Friends Forever, Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld, and World's Funnest.


Bleeding Cool spotted they massive upload to the DC Comics channel on YouTube this week. Some of these have appeared online before, but it's nice to see them online at a decent quality from DC itself.

Super Best Friends Forever

Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld

DC Nation's Farm League

Plastic Man

Thunder & Lightning

DC's World's Funnest

The Bat Man of Shanghai

Animal Man

Superman of Tokyo


Still at a loss how Teen Titans Go! (e.g. the show that gave a million fans a giant middle finger) got a green light in the wake of Young Justice and Green Lantern's cancellation, yet Lauren Faust's project (you know, that lady that turned My Little Pony into a billion dollar property for Hasbro again before they shit-canned her for "creative differences") Super Best Friends Forever did not, nor did the amazing Batman of Shanghai (yeah, DC/WB, if you wanted a new, interesting take on The Batman in an animated format, *that* was the way to do it, not a bad Green Lantern's CG clone). I don't know who the brain trust is over at Warners calling the shots, but Jesus O.o