Watch Benedict Cumberbatch's spot-on Peter Jackson impersonation

Who knew Benedict Cumberbatch was a master of the Peter Jackson mutter? In a wonderfully detailed interview, Smaug himself gives us an inside look at the slightly ridiculous art of playing a dragon.


The first of this series of "conversations" was hosted by Benedict Cumberbatch. The actor spoke at length about his stage work, going method for Khan, recreating real characters (including another response to Julian Assange's "hired gun" emails) and on his Otter likeness. He also does a smashing Spielberg impression in the interview as well.

Thanks toThe Hollywood Reporter and BAFTA the entire conversation is now available, and it's absolutely worth a watch.


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This experience he's describing, the absurdity and remove of doing motion-capture and green-screen acting: I suspect this is why so many of these films leave me so cold. It's wonderful that there's a way to bring these scenes to life somehow, but with so much of it just not really there it just can't be easy to make it work as an actor. I'm excited when I see that so much of Game of Thrones is filmed on actual constructed sets, and I think that contributes to how engaging the performances are.