Last night on the supernatural soap Being Human, the series decided to keep it simple. With the tedious vampire politics warming on the back burner we had plenty of time to let this show do what it does best, film a group of snarky, fizzy dialogue.

Did we learn new things about any of these characters deep down inside? Maybe Sally. But mostly, we just sat back and let three good looking supernatural beings crack jokes about sex. It was nice. Spoilers ahead...


This week both Josh and Aidan had a bang-off (their joke). But what was entertaining about the whole sexcapade was watching roommates do what roommates do best ā€” ruthlessly tease each other about the opposite sex and then shoehorn themselves into uncomfortable situations. It was cute, and grounded the cosmic world of vampire, ghost and werewolf in realty. This really is why I keep coming back to this drama. For the cute kids' chemistry.

Of course, none of this is meant to last ā€” this is a Syfy drama after all. Turns out Aidan is shtooping Josh's ex-fiance, that he left when he found out he was a werewolf, for safety reasons. That alters the mood in the house slightly. But not before a few good egg jokes.


While Josh and Aidan attempt to deal with their Days Of Our Lives plotline, Nora goes full-wolf and realizes that if she doesn't lock herself up in the storage unit Josh rented for them, she will probably kill Josh's ex. It's the way of the wolf or something ā€” perhaps if she just peed on Josh, it would be enough for Nora. But safety first. Aidan too is struggling with his urges, as his blood supply in the hospital gets cut off, and now he must resort to a blood prostitute, who charges $300 a bite. My money is on Aidan going nuts and killing his blood hooker and her blood pimp in a blood frenzy. Then he'll have to deal with an even bigger blood pimp! One can hope.


In other supernatural news, Sally finds out that she can be reincarnated into a baby with the help of the cute super-nurse. The catch, the super-nurse must approve. Eager to run away from the problem she created by unleashing the smoke monster into her world, Sally cuts out the middle-nurse and tries to jump into a fresh baby against the sacred nurse's wishes. Suddenly the smoke monster appears and Sally decides not to ruin this child's life. Good for you, Sally.

Nothing Earth-shattering happened this week, but that's OK. Like I said earlier, this show is at its best when it allows the three actors room to make the audience laugh. I'm sure there will be plenty of time for crying later, when the blood pimps get Aidan.