Watch Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer torture two college kids...for science!

Illustration for article titled Watch emBattlestar Galactica/ems Tricia Helfer torture two college kids...for science!
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The very sexy Number Six of BSG fame is back to her old ways, torturing young men for the good of humanity (or perhaps robomanity). Watch the first ever trailer for Bloodwork now. Plus, more Nazi zombies!


A seemingly harmless drug trial goes terribly wrong! The two main characters begin to change for the worse as Tricia Helfer watches... and laughs! She appears to be pretty aware of what's happening to these poor boys. Here's the official rundown.

Best friends Greg and Rob, college roommates, decide to earn a little extra cash by participating in a two-week pharmaceutical test over the Christmas holidays. Locked into a remote hospital facility far out in the isolated countryside, they find themselves part of a bizarre series of tests. But as order and control start to break down, it becomes clear that drugs are having increasingly dangerous side effects, and that no one involved in the test will be safe for long.


[via Quiet Earth]


We're totally enraptured by this stop-animated short called Mutatio, which was shown at Morbido Fest and discovered by Twitch Film. Leon Fernandez's stop-motion monster short is simultaneously adorable and unsettling. Did you catch the strange barnacles on that monster's belly? Watch the teaser trailer for this short now — we'll keep you updated on any screenings in the future.

Nazi Zombies

The indie world has been raining Nazi zombies ever since the Norwegian thriller Dead Snow premiered a few years back. This new short Nazi Zombies was filmed, edited, written, and everything-elsed by someone named Banks. Mysterious!


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If the name of the Tricia Helfer movie is Bloodwork, why does the trailer end title card says Phase One? Is there something I don't get?