Watch Batman: Year 100 Creator Paul Pope's Short Space Western Film

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Paul Pope, the cartoonist behind Heavy Liquid, Batman: Year 100, and Battling Boy, steps into the world of filmmaking with this short film, 7x6x2. A serviceman is sent into an alien desert to fix a terraforming robot—but quickly realizes that he's not alone.

Pope co-wrote and co-directed this short with Sridhar Reddy, making this his first time in the director's seat. The pair are also working on an adaptation of Pope's The One-Trick Rip-Off, which Pope told Boing Boing should be out next year. Naturally, there is some incredible Paul Pope artwork behind this short, and you can see more of it at the Tribeca Film website.


7x6x2 [Tribeca Film via Boing Boing]

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I really wanted this to be better than it was, but it wasn't, and so now I just resent it for being another obstacle in the way of finally seeing a completed THB.