Watch Batman Pose As Every Other Character In Injustice

Image: Gif via Youtube

The age-old art of swapping one character’s model in for another for video game hijinks is always fun. But I really like to imagine that this is actually some secret Bruce Wayne training regimen where he prepares for the possibility of fighting literally anyone in the DC Universe by pretending that he can become them.


This hilarious video from YouTuber deathmule features Batman’s model—or more specifically, the Batman of the Arkham video game series—being used over the introduction animations of every other character in the DC fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us (which is getting a sequel in just a few months). So if you ever, wanted to see, say, Batman hopscotching like he’s Harley Quinn or sashaying like he’s Catwoman, now is your chance.

It’s very creepy—especially ones like Solomon Grundy or Bane’s animation, where Batman’s poor face and eyes are being contorted to fit the animation “skeleton” designed for a completely different model—but also hilarious to watch unfold, especially if you imagine it’s Batman just trying to copy his friends and foes. The Superman suit reveal one is the absolute best though. Deathmule has more videos of other characters in Injustice doing the same sort of thing that you can see over on their channel, but honestly, the Batman one is the funniest by far.



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