Watch Batman Completely Outsmart Superman in This Newest BvS Clip

In the first clip from Batman v Superman, we got to see Superman on top, delivering some pretty severe threats to the Dark Knight. In this new one, however, the tables are turned and Batman becomes... well, the world’s most heavily armored stage magician.


The clip, which aired on Jimmy Kimmel’s post-Oscars show last night, is from round two in Batman and Superman’s tussle, with Bruce suited and booted in his new heavy armor. Check it out below:

Even in his armor, it looks like Bats needs to use his brain if he wants to get the edge on Superman, as he’s looking pretty beaten up. Still, you would’ve thought Superman would’ve been smart enough to use his X-Ray vision the moment that smoke grenade popped, right? Use those supersmarts, Kent!

Batman v Superman hits theaters March 25th.

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Doesn’t Superman have super hearing, too? Assuming the smoke has something that blocks x-ray vision, couldn’t he have heard Batman flanking him?